Tips on Using Humor Effectively In Presentation

Are you going to open a presentation with a humor? Are you going to spice up your presentation with entertaining stories or comments?

Some of the best and ugliest presentations rely on humor. The difference lies in when and how to use it. Properly delivered humor will make your audience truly entertained. Conversely, humor is delivered carelessly and crisp will damage the mission you have set. Therefore, before you use humor in public speaking that you will do, it would be better if you look for the first reference before at

Regardless, you may ask what is the importance of humor? Humor can be an effective tool for improving presentation quality by breaking the ice of the atmosphere between you and your audience. Get yourself and your audience relaxed, make you look more fun, create bonds between you and your audience and entertain your audience.

An effective and riveting presentation is generally related to humor as well. Humor or parody seems like easy to do to please many people. But the reality is not fun, especially if you are wrong in using it.

Beginning presenters are generally hasty to use humor on their early debuts in public presentations, or they want to get the audience’s applause and laughter with humor, but they do not know exactly where they come from. If you really feel able to use humor select the appropriate theme of the conversation.

You also do not have to rush to display humor, let humor flow spontaneously. It will surely be time for you to be good at humor and parody.

So you do not get caught up in the humor that turns off your presentation, there are a few pointers you should look into using humor. Here’s the review!

First, use the relevant Humor. Try to associate a joke or comment on the topic you are discussing

Second, never use humor that offends race, likes, religion, and culture. Remember, you are delivering a message to an audience, who has a different background. Presentations that do not heed this other than to offend some of the audience also violate applicable norms and laws.

Third, make a joke about yourself. If you make a joke about yourself without damaging your authority, your audience will like it.

Fourth, do not overdo it, jokes can indeed break the rigidity of the relationship between you and the audience, but you are not expected to be a comedian. You must know the proportion for the humor you are about to convey.

Fifth, be aware of your limitations. If you are naturally not funny, do not try to force yourself a joke. Because it will make yourself look strange in front of the audience.

The five hints above are some ideal clues, how should the presenter use humor. But maybe there is one thing that bothers your mind whether humor should always match the topic and theme?