Food That Contains Testosterone Hormone

The hormone testosterone has a number of important functions for men. Among these, as androgen hormones, affect physical growth, muscle and bone growth, increase energy levels, to prevent bone loss. Here are some foods that can increase testosterone levels in your body, you can also visit to see some exercise to increase testosterone:

– Wine

Chinese researchers say the skin of grapes contains resveratrol, a substance that can increase testosterone levels.

– Tuna

A study at Graz University Medical, Austria, revealed that tuna contain vitamin D that can increase testosterone by up to 90 percent.

– Avocado

Penn State University researchers say regular consumption of high intake of monounsaturated fats such as avocados, nuts, and vegetable oils can increase testosterone levels in the male body.

– Pomegranate

The International Journal of Impotence Research reported that as many as 47 percents of impotent men studied tend to improve after routinely drinking pomegranate juice rich in antioxidants every day.

– Venison

A meatless diet can lower testosterone by 14 percent while consuming too much fat also reduces levels. Alternatively, pick the venison instead of beef or lamb.