Unique Facts Behind Pizza Hut

This typical Italian food is known by almost all the people around the world, one of the famous pizza companies, pizza hut turned out to have a big hand in introducing one of the most delicious food in the world. Although maybe almost every day to eat Pizza Hut, not necessarily you know a lot about this Kansas restaurant, that there are some facts about Pizza Hut that is not known by others. Uniquely, now you can use the old box of pizza wrap to be a cool projector. This creative idea was first created by Ogilvy who worked with his colleagues. The pizza box is also equipped with QR Code that can be used to select the movie you want to watch through a smartphone device. With this simple projector, you can watch your favourite movie while eating pizza. Besides let alone the advantages of Pizza Hut? One of them is Pizza Hut Specials.

Pizza Hut is usually found every day of the week and they do a lot of good promotions and are available all day long, really no need to move elsewhere, many Pizza Hut deals include Hot Dog Bite promotions which you can buy for only $ 11.99. You can even find some perfect online transactions that can not be bothered.