Fire Insurance and Property Insurance, What’s the Difference?

Property insurance can protect your home from various types of risks, one of which is fire accident. However, there are also fire insurance separate from property insurance. So, what is the difference of fire insurance with property insurance? In this article, we will explain the difference between the two, but before that, you can visit dss landlords insurance to get the best landlord insurance.

1. Fire Insurance

As the name suggests, fire insurance guarantees loss or damage to property due to fire and/or other causes guaranteed under the policy. The risks covered in the fire insurance policy standard are five, namely fire, lightning, explosion, falling aircraft, and smoke.

– Fire
There are three types of fires that are included in the protection, ie fires caused by spreading fire or self-generated heat; Short-circuit; And fire caused by the fire of other objects in the vicinity, provided that the fire of other objects is not a result of the risks excluded in the policy.

– Lightning
The damage that is directly caused by lightning. Especially for electrical machinery, electrical equipment, or electronics and electrical installations, any loss or damage is guaranteed by this policy in the event that the lightning causes a fire to the objects concerned.

– Explosion
The explosion derived from property insured on this policy or any other policy that goes along with this policy for the interests of the same insurer.

– Fall of an airplane
The fall of an aircraft guaranteed in this policy is a physical collision between an airplane including a helicopter or anything that falls from it with insured property and or interest or with a building containing insured property and/or interest.

– Smoke
Smoke originating from property fires insured on this policy or any other policy that goes along with this policy for the interests of the same insurer.

2. Property Insurance

Property insurance, or commonly referred to as home insurance, has a slight definition difference with fire insurance. In some firms, property insurance is separated from fire insurance, while in other companies fire insurance is part of property insurance. In essence, property insurance will accommodate different types of protection against your property or home. The difference in fire insurance with property insurance lies in the type of protection provided.

If the fire insurance only provides protection against five things (fire, lightning, explosion, falling plane, and smoke), property insurance provides more protection, such as flood protection, theft, strike, riots, and riots. The last mentioned items are also available on fire insurance, but consumers are subject to additional premiums, while the property insurance is already a standard protection.