Types of Watches Material

In modern times, watches have become important accessories in the daily activities of everyone’s life. When technology is not as sophisticated today, wristwatches are the single most efficient timepiece in the midst of the busy day-to-day activities. You can visit Rear Tone Watches and find a variety of watch options to suit your taste.

The following are some of the materials for your watch:

– Stainless Steel Chains

For those of you who love the material of watches from Stainless steel including people who want to look elegant and professional and casual. Yes, this stainless material is intended for men who look neat and because the appearance of stainless make this watch look luxurious. But the lack of this material is rigid so it is not suitable for outdoor and sports use.

– Rubber or Resin

For those who like physical activity, outdoor, or sports, and every day with a solid schedule is very fitting wear Rubber watches. Why? Because this type of watch is made especially for those who have adventurous activities with a flexible material, waterproof, not easily colored, not easy to absorb sweat, and not easy to smell.

– Leather

You who use these leather watches give out the impression of luxurious and dandy. In addition, you are not expected to wear this leather watch for diving activity or white water rafting because the material is made of leather if exposed to water can cause itching. It is basically a watch that is suitable for official events but can also for every day who want to look casual.

– Canvas

This canvas material has a strong resistance, not easily scratched. Compared with other materials, these watches are lighter so comfortable to wear but do not fall into the water or forget to put your watch in the shower because the canvas watch is not a waterproof material so to dry it will take a long time even using a blow dryer though.